“This book is a blessing, a sublime meditation on hope, an erudite feast of Jewish wisdom, and a wellspring of surprising, subversive, deeply satisfying epiphanies about the relationship between hope and all the emotions and experiences that comprise a life of meaning.”

Letty Cottin Pogrebin, author of Deborah, Golda, and Me: Being Female and Jewish in America


About David

David Arnow, Ph.D. is a psychologist and a scholar of the festival of Passover. He is the author Creating Lively Passover Seders: A Sourcebook of Tales, Texts & Activities, co-editor of My People's Passover Haggadah, a contributing scholar to Exodus Conversations ~ How the Story of the Exodus Speaks to Jews, Christians, and Muslims: An Interfaith Commentary and Passover Haggadah, co-author of Leadership in the Bible: A Practical Guide for Today and most recently author of Choosing Hope: The Heritage of Judaism.

About Choosing Hope

Throughout our history, Jews have traditionally responded to our trials with hope, psychologist David Arnow says, because we have had ready access to Judaism’s abundant reservoir of hope.

Grounded in a contemporary theology that situates the responsibility for creating a better world in human hands, with God acting through us, Choosing Hope can help us both affirm hope in times of trial and transmit our deepest hopes to the next generation.

Praise for David's Works

Choosing Hope is not only a profound exploration of the meaning and claim of hope but a wonderfully inspiring interpretation of the Jewish tradition.”

—Moshe Halbertal, John and Golda Cohen Professor of Jewish Thought and Philosophy at the Hebrew University

“An incredible sourcebook for anyone looking to add a new dimension to their understanding of Passover and enrichment of his or her Seder.”

Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter
(on Creating Lively Passover Seders)

“It’s refreshing to find new approaches [to leadership] that are useful in both our personal and professional lives… A worthwhile read for anyone looking to strengthen their skills…”

—Susan Cohn Rockefeller, HuffPost Books
(on Leadership in the Bible)

“Fascinating.... Provides a new translation of a traditional Hebrew text introduced by background essays and interwoven with contemporary commentaries.... All the great voices of Judaism over the centuries are heard.”

New York Times (on My People’s Passover Haggadah)

Latest Article

Facing Our Trials with Hope: Abraham and the Akedah

A D’var Torah for Rosh Hashanah 2022        From climate change and the erosion of democratic norms to the resurgence of antisemitism and the fight for human rights, one thing is clear: If despair triumphs over hope, we’ll never overcome the challenges we face. Hope enables us to envision a better future and…


Avner Moriah, www.avnermoriah.com

Exodus Conversations

Published on the web, Exodus Conversations is intended to encourage an interfaith dialogue. It features side by side presentations of the story of the Exodus as presented in the Qur’an and in the Book of Exodus. This is augmented by the traditional Passover service with a notable difference. At sixteen junctures, three scholars — a Jew (David Arnow), a Christian (Mary C. Boys) and a Muslim (Muhammad Shafiq) discuss issues which arise from the text. The scholars are not and could not speak on behalf of their faith communities. Rather, they are offering their individual responses based on their experiences within those communities.