Leadership in the Bible

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Title: Leadership in the Bible: A Practical Guide for Today
Release Date: September 8, 2014
Pages: 264
ISBN13: 979-8711909576


In this age of unprecedented change, business leaders yearn for enduring wisdom and inspiring role models. In Leadership in the Bible, management consultant Paul Ohana and psychologist David Arnow provide examples from the business world and contemporary society that illustrate the relevance of biblical stories to the trials we face as 21st-century decision makers.“Many books that look to the Bible for wisdom are preachy and seek to make readers more religious,” Arnow says. “Our goal is to extract essential lessons from familiar stories that will help you make more effective decisions today.”As a management consultant, Ohana has been training clients in leadership for over 40 years. Arnow, a psychologist, has decades of leadership experience in the non-profit sector. While both share a formidable track record in leadership, they also share something else – years of immersion in the study of the Bible.


“Who would have thought that management consultant and a psychologist/Bible scholar could read the Good Book together and emerge with so many new insights, interpretations, and business applications?! That is exactly what Ohana and Arnow have done. I was skeptical at the outset, but after reading the first episode about the leadership lessons to be learned from the creation of the world, a chapter ingeniously entitled “Getting Off to a Good Start,” I could not put the book down. These two writers “marry” the fields of business know how and Bible scholarship. The result is an eminently readable, highly engaging volume that speaks to people of all faiths, in all walks of life. Not a chore to read but a privilege. It is so refreshingly different and smart.”
Professor Judith Hauptman, Professor of Talmud, Jewish Theological Seminary

“In a world where there is a vacuum of leadership and misunderstanding, it’s refreshing to find new approaches that are useful in both our personal and professional lives. Enter Paul Ohana and David Arnow, whose book Leadership in the Bible: A Practical Guide for Today finds modern strategies in the lessons of an ancient text. Ohana, a management consultant, and Arnow, a clinical psychologist, use research from their respective fields to draw fresh and practical conclusions from many of the bible’s most well-known stories. Using text from the Old Testament as a starting point, the authors address many challenges of business, such as: project launches, communication, crisis prevention and management, and the achievement of goals and results.”
Huff Post Books, Susan Cohn Rockefeller